Lego Storage, another playroom adjustment. Plus a free printable!

The playroom is an ever changing entity. Toys come and go and the way the kids play changes so, this room has to adjust with that. All three girls now are very much into Legos.  Legos are the most difficult toy to keep organized, and put away.  At least this is true at our house. Here is a little run down of my latest solution.


First off, the computer is now in the playroom.  This was a result of some changes in our master bedroom, which you can see here.  Also, we added a projector screen to this space so we are no longer using the computer to watch TV shows.  Have you cut the cord with cable yet?? You should…maybe I will blog about that next.  But I digress, this work station was once the lego table, but since its now a computer/homework space, we needed something new.

This is another photo of our play room previously. and the table that we were using for legos.  3 little ladies building on this table, didn’t work well either.  So off to IKEA I went, of course. I was looking for a table that was a little larger, but not too large so that it could serve as a coffee table as well or in the future.


This LACK coffee table was the perfect fit.  It’s so easy to put together, great size and inexpensive.  Also, the bottom shelf can be placed at any height you would like.  I liked this because I already had some Lego storage options in mind and I didn’t want to be limited because of their height.


These three storage drawer bins have all the Lego pieces in them, and we happened to separated them by color. (mostly pink, blue and white…my girls have all Lego Friends and Princess sets! These adorable stools are the perfect height for the table and they do not take up a lot of room in the space.


With all the art supplies in the rolling cart (also from IKEA) when the Legos are put away this is a great art table.


While on the trip I also picked up the Trofast system for some extra storage and a place to put built creations up and out of the way.   The black and white color scheme fit perfectly into our safari themed room.


The top drawers are filled with small Lego creations and the bottoms are extra storage for various other toys. When we added the projector screen and the computer to the loft area our large play tent no longer fit.  Luckily we were able to gift it to some very excited friends and I found this hanging net that I have been hoarding from World Market forever ago.  However, they still have it.  You can find it here.

Our other toy storage is in the landing area as you walk up the stairs. These new bins from Target have made this space for me.

These bins are holding dolls, Octonauts, barbies, ponies and anything else they play with.


The baskets on the bottom, contain most of the books in our library.  The girls helped me separate them by genre, and then we labeled each book and keep it in the coordinating bin.  The categories are: fantasy, realistic fiction, non-fiction, board books, favorite characters and easy readers/chapter books.


We used colorful patterned duct tape to label the books.  It is such a great way to keep track of what books we have, they aren’t just dumped anywhere.  Plus, at story time the kids can find the kind of books they want to hear.


I wish I could have taken more pictures of the room perfectly styled, but it’s summer break!  Plus, the room gets the best light right after dinner time when the kids are playing hard.  Obviously it’s a well used room.


If you are looking to create your own Global, Safari themed play space here is a printable to get you started.


Also, some links to other items you can shop, until next time friends!
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