Shared Girls Bathroom Makeover

In January we completed our first project of the year, and it only took me 5 months to blog about it!  Last year I had posted about some ideas for a modern farmhouse style girls bathroom, and my vision has come to life with a few changes.  Here were some of my original inspiration ideas. Modern Farmhouse Shared Girls Bath.


The first compromise of the project was that I was not getting the 3 sinks that I wanted. We have three girls and while I thought the addition of a third sink would be idea, my contractor, AKA the hubby disagreed.


I did know that there would be pink.  I wanted to paint the cabinets pink, then shiplap the mirror wall and hang some more black rimmed mirrors similar to our master bathroom.  Here are the details on the master bath redo.  However, I never ran into black rimmed mirrors that fit the space how I wanted.  Then one day while browsing Hobby Lobby, I ran into these beauties.  So I altered my plans.


Since the mirrors are white, I didn’t want to hang them against white shiplap. I started looking for alternatives.  I knew this pink buffalo check would be perfect.  It is removable wallpaper from Spoonflower, and it was fairly easy to hang.  Even on my textured wall.   I wasn’t ready to abandon the shiplap all together.  I like how it unifies the bathrooms. So we hung it on the wall opposite the mirrors and in the water closet.


This art with the three ladies was too perfect to pass up. It is a poster from IKEA in the Ribba frame. All of the towels and linens are also from IKEA as well as the cabinet hardware.  I also did not plan on painting the cabinets since the wallpaper brought in enough pink.  Yet, after we started working I knew they needed to be changed. Plus, the contractor accidentally ripped off some of the wood finish off the toe-kick, which was pretty unsightly.  So, paint we needed to paint to fix that.  Not regretting the grey choice at all and my oldest daughter says the bathroom is so pretty. Win!


I have had this Ladies Room sign for a number of years and it has made it’s way around the house, but I think it was waiting for this exact spot.  We recovered the existing vinyl floor, which was a faux wood finish.  These are vinyl panels from Quadrostyle, an Etsy shop.  They look so nice now, but they were not the most simple DIY.  It could have been our very uneven floors, but it took much longer than anticipated.  I didn’t want to paint the floor because  I wasn’t sure I could get the pattern crisp, but if I had to do it over again I think painting might have been easier.  However, these look very pretty and they are holding up well so far.  Absolutely enjoying the new look of this room, here is a little before and after.







So much brighter and sophisticated.  This is a bathroom that will last them a long time.  Thank you for stopping by and seeing what we are up to!  Good things to come in 2018.
Until next time.


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