Another summer is here!

Summer schedules; chores and a FREE printable

Well it seems as though it has been exactly a year since have blogged. Life has been extremely busy post COVID. We said we were all thankful for the slow down, but we are back at full speed. Another school year as come and gone, and summer is back. All of the beans are growing up and want to be on phones, tablets and video games non-stop. Therefore, a summer “To-Do” station has become a necessity. If you want to skip straight to the Free Printables, then just scroll to the bottom.

First, I made some pretty general schedules for them to abide by each day. With a place for them to add checks for accountability.

I put these in a plastic sleeve. I have found these in the past at Dollar Tree or Target. This way they can re-use it with a dry erase marker for each week. Last summer, our schedule changed so much I hand wrote the schedules each day. You can find last year’s free printable here.

I added a place for them to fill out their personal Summer Bucket List on the back. Then I hung these as well the rest of the materials on our extra freezer in the closet. You know I can’t have this on my main fridge!

Each child has their daily schedule check list, an actual bucket and clip magnets with all their expectations for the day. The clip magnets are on Amazon, and the buckets were from Bullseye’s Playground at Target. Here is a better look at what are in the clips.

Each day, they are expected to complete the tasks clipped under their bucket. Each child has their own color clips. These are the MUST do chores. These must be done to earn their regular privileges. Then in the orange clips are the CAN do chores. These they can do, to earn any EXTRA privileges. That I will clip with the extra chores each day or week. I printed these and laminated them for durability.

Once you have completed a task you can take it off the clip and place it in your bucket. At the end of the day, momma will come and check your bucket. You can only earn extra incentives if everything in your bucket is completed correctly. And that’s the plan for the summer! I hope this works and keeps us all on task! I have added these sheets as a free printable PDF, and if you open them in Adobe Acrobat, I am pretty sure you can edit them yourself. If not, here is a blank page to print and hand write all your chores and incentives.

Ok FINALLY, here is that free printable I promised. you have to download the file. And then open it in Adobe Acrobat and then change the mode to “Edit PDF”. in order to change the text in the file.

Let me know if you decide to try the system!

xoxo, Kendra

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