Summer Schedule

Well summer is here. I mean it came quick! Despite COVID, we survived another school year and are already in triple digits in June.

I don’t know if my kids are the only ones who need some sort of schedule to continue to function as humans over the summer, but I made these binders to help them out. And I am sharing them here in case your kids also need to be kept on task.

Each child is equipped with a binder that includes a daily schedule, practice school work and a workout for each day of the week. Plus, we talked about short and long term goals for the summer as well as made personalized summer bucket lists.

I am including all the pages here as a free printable in case your family needs a little motivation this summer!

The theme for the workbook for 2021 is STAY SHARP!
It pairs perfectly with growth mindset
We had a lot of fun figuring out what we really wanted to do this summer!

Some ideas we loved for a summer bucket list were: visit a museum, make s’mores, and have a night swim. They do not have to be crazy activities to ensure some fun!

Feel free to download these and print out your own binders for your family! Have a great summer!

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