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I guess it’s time to get a little personal. My family recently lost someone important.  My step-dad who was battling for a long time with cancer recently passed away.  He was on a list for a liver transplant that never came through and the waiting game took its toll. This has led to a series of changes for us, that make all of this bitter-sweet. With his passing my mother no longer wants to live so far away.  So we are talking about making arrangements for her to move in with us for part of the year.

Obviously we are all so excited and happy to finally have family out West with us. Especially her grand kids.  It is going to be so special for them to grow up with their Nana around.  My Noni, lived with us when I was young and it certainly was a positive experience for me.

Of course, days after hearing this news, I suddenly felt like my house was tiny cluttered and not capable of housing another person! Which sent me into a mood to purge. I started thinking about how we could set up our guest room to be a more permanent room for my mom. And I am sure there will be more of that later.  But then I also wanted to create a hang out spot, where my husband and I could still sit together, and feel alone. So the sitting room in our bedroom finally came together.


I have actually had plans for a sitting space in our bedroom for a while.  But there just hasn’t been the space.  We were previously using the large armoire for our computer. Which was also sort of our TV.  The best position for this seemed to be across from the bed.  Then these chairs,  which no longer fit in the living room, were just kind of flanking the armoire. Here is the previous arrangement.


Not wonderful for lounging and having a conversation. Also since there was no chair for the computer, we were pulling the ottomans from the foot of the bed over to sit and work on the computer.


My original plan was to get rid of the armoire all together. It is a really large piece. I started by moving the computer into the play room. There is a desk space and it makes more sense as the kids get older.  Then I emptied out the armoire and decided the ottomans would be more useful downstairs for extra seating. As I looked at the armoire, I started thinking about how much I really do like it. Then, I thought what great extra storage it could be.

We have a lot of space in our house and closets, but we have no linen closets. I usually store extra linens in clothes closets and under the kids beds.  This piece would be the perfect place to corral all those extra linens.  I would like if it had more shelves, but it’s working for the time being.


Then we moved it to the corner of the room, and shifted it diagonally.  Allowing space for the two chairs to be next to each other for conversations.


I also added these stacked baskets with an acrylic tray where we can place coffee and cocktails. Plus, the baskets can be added storage.



We are already enjoying the space for each other, even though my mom hasn’t moved in just yet.  Here is a view of the bed area now.  I brought these little fur footstools upstairs for some more added comfort.


Of course some family photos make the space feel comforting.


So pleased with a sitting area just for the two of us, if we need a little time away.


I hope you were inspired, I will share some sources below. Thank you for stopping by!


Tufted Chairs: American Home Furniture

Baskets: World Market

Acrylic tray: Amazon

Mason Jar Vase DIY Tutorial here

Mudcloth Pillow: The Ivory Gull (on Etsy)

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