Halloween Decor

Here is an easy Halloween banner you can create with your kids!


This year we decided to decorate the playroom for Halloween and the kids loved getting in on the fun.  First we added some spooky stuff to the top of the toy bins.  Book, pumpkins, rats and candles. hallloweenplayroom-1-of-4

These book page pumpkins were a project from last year.  Also an easy project with the kids, here are the instructions.  The other side of the area is a tray filled with glass bottles.  I used free printables for Halloween style potions. The bottles are filled with string lights.


After this decor was set we started hanging the book pages. These pages are from dollar store books. First, ripped the binding and took some chunks of the book.  I hung these with Command Frame Strips.  Then used individual pages and stuck them to the wall using reusable tacky tape.


These raven cutouts are from Walmart.  Using the same sticky tack, we hung them through the pages.  Makes it look like the birds are flapping in the wind carrying the book pages with them.



To create the banner, I traced the shape on a book page and cut it out.  Then I had my daughter trace the shape on several pages and cut those out herself. For the letters we used some letter stickers, to create the word.  Any spooky saying will do.  I punched holes in each side and my daughter stung the letters on twine. Hung it on the nails that were already in the wall, all done! A fun filled Raven vignette.  Stay tuned for bats and spiders downstairs.


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