Fall Front Porch Tour

This year I was really behind on getting all the fall fun out.  The weather was still so hot, it just didn’t feel right.  I finally put some final touches on the porch and pulled out the pumpkins in time for the first day of fall.  Then the weather dipped below 100 degrees, as if it was meant to be.


The back porch is a work in progress and perfect in the morning, but the front porch is may favorite spot to sit in the evenings and watch the kids ride bikes around  the cul de sac.  With the weather cooling down I will be out here a lot, right on that rocking chair.


When I started working out here I was thinking about all white pumpkins, but my husband was unimpressed and said it needed a little more color.  And I had to agree with him.  So I decided to get some more colorful pumpkins and brightly colored mums.


My best advice for a vignette of overflowing pumpkins is mix and match colors, textures and combine real and fake.  Those big white pumpkins are actually faux and from Walmart. They are just amazing, they look real and they were really inexpensive.


I recently painted the fence posts and hung it on the porch. The chalkboard is something fun to change seasonally, and I added this banner from the Target One Spot, from last season.  In November we plan to paint the entire exterior of our house.  I am really pumped to see this faded color go. Then, I think, all the white accents and my screen door will really stand out. frontporchmore-10-of-11

Opposite of the day bed is the potting bench that has moved from the backyard.  It’s a perfect addition for this other corner, and is much more useful up front.


Next to the door is another welcoming addition, this wreath holder.  Can never have too many places to pop a wreath.


Some more of those Walmart pumpkins I was talking about, stacked in an olive bucket. Perfect pairing with the wreath holder, and a cotton stem wreath. I love these little owls, but my kids keep stealing them off my porch. You can even see the safety-pin where I had to reattach his leg, lost from some serious loving.



It may not be cool enough out here to snuggle under a blanket, but the throws make the whole porch seem that much more cozy.


Another mix of pumpkins, faux and real.  The largest is another Walmart beauty, the mid size is from the Dollar Tree and painted with chalk paint.  I have some more pumpkin make overs from last year.  There is more information about those in this previous post.

The chicken coop coffee table is a work in progress.  I want to add castors to the bottom to give it a bit of height.  Originally I had plans for this to be our living room coffee table, but I think it is right at home on the front porch.



The plaid throw on the day bed is actually 2 yards of plaid fabric from Joann’s Fabric.  I cut and knotted the ends to make a finished edge, perfect fall throw.


Thank you so much for stopping by. Maybe you can come over one evening for a drink and some conversation.  If you want to see more of the front porch, be sure to follow me on Instagram. @threebeancircus.  Feel free to Pin away any ideas you like on Pinterest. Happy Fall!!

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