Halloween Decor and a quick tutorial

Since it is October, I have changed up the fall and added some spook.  This is the first year I have really done a Halloween mantel…because this is the first year I have had a mantel.  I just LOVE it!! The porch will stay the same, except I have a “trick or treat” sign and I will probably change the chalkboard art. Seriously chalkboards are the best thing ever for someone like me.  Love that they can be changed!

Any way, first up is the tutorial.

I made these book page covered pumpkins for fall in general, but then once they were finished realized they would be so much better specifically for Halloween.

I like the look of these and saw the tutorial originally on Pinterest. Here at Urban Daisies, there are lots of tutorials if you search but…you know what’s one more??
In the future I would use sheet music, or maybe a book that doesn’t have so many swear words! Thanks a lot Dollar Tree book selection! 
Book or paper you want to use
Modge Podge
Paint Brush
Dollar Store pumpkin
1. The first thing I did was spray paint my stems black.  Depending on what kind of pumpkin you are using you could do a variety of things to dress up the stem. (yup there is a tupperware full of fries in the background, and dishes. Real life up in here).
2. Once that was dry I tore up the book pages into small random pieces. Then I mixed the modge podge with some water. I did not measure water to glue ratio, I just did a little to thin it out some.

3. I took each paper piece and brushed it with the glue mixture and attached it to my pumpkin in various directions.  Continued with this until the pumpkin was completely covered.  Sometimes I would also brush the glue mix onto the pumpkin directly to make sure the pages stuck.  I did take some breaks to let the pumplin dry a bit.  Or else my fingers started getting stuck to the pumpkin.

All finished! 
And here is how they look on the mantel. 

I mixed it up with some Target One Spot pumpkins and rats, spiders and crows from the Dollar Store.  I also got the webbing from Goodwill…side note, webbing and moss do to mix! 

I am a pretty big fan of how the Halloween decor matches my regular decor. 🙂 

The potion bottles are from the Target One Spot and stuffed with string lights also from Target. The tags are a printable I found on Pinterest.  I am not sure who is the original post, but I would love to give them credit, if anyone does know. 

I made the crow printable on PicMonkey

I also added a little webbing to my tobacco baskets, getting in the spirit!  I hope you enjoyed!  

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