Apples and pumpkins! A little day trip.

For the past 3 years we have traveled to Wilcox, AZ for a little fall fun.  Here is a little peek at this years trip.  It is about a 3 hour drive…but it’s the only place to pick apples around here and the kids love to it.  Plus they have a pumpkin patch also where you can get them right on the vine.  For some reason that is just so much better to me!

The apple orchard is called Apple Annie’s.  They have a calendar of events but we seem to always plan our trip around Rex Allen days. Wasn’t every busy this weekend, but the apples were slim pickins! We ended up with about 10 pounds of mostly Granny Smith.  Which we have already made apple crisp with. 

The pumpkin patch is not as the same location its about 10 miles away, but they have food trucks, a hay ride, and lots of fun fall stuff to buy.  This year there were a lot of prickles, so I am happy I brought everyone an extra pair of pants.  I do wish I had brought gloves though. 

She was on a mission…and ya its a big pumpkin patch. 
This is me saying “I need gloves”. So happy it was captured on film. 

Model Material??? 

When you want to take a family pic and you forgot the tripod….
It was a great day trip and we even had some time to stop by a friends house and visit in Tuscon. Best purchase was my corn stalks, the pumpkins the kids picked are also pretty great.  Next up…carving!  (Which we can’t do until like the day before Halloween because it’s so hot and they will rot…love Phoenix in the fall!) 

Our bucket list for October: 
If you want to see more of my fall decor, check out the fall home tour. 
 Or follow me on instagram @threebeancircus. 

At least we can pretend its fall weather 🙂 Hope you enjoyed!

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