Decorating with Vignettes

Decorating an entire home for the holidays or seasons can be overwhelming.  An easier way to start is to create small vignettes around the house to infuse the feeling of the seasons.  This year for fall I created a few very simple vignettes that can work around the home and also add fall touches with out complication!

  1. Start with a small space. Your coffee table, your mantel, a centerpiece for your dining area or a shelf. Perhaps you have a small area of your kitchen counter that would work.  It is nice to put something small at the heart of your home so you can see it often and enjoy it.


This coffee table is in our entry area, it is one of the first areas you see when you walk into our home. I only used a couple of items, but it draws interest and also says fall.

vignettetuesday (3 of 4).JPG


2. Gather items into a tray or bowl.  Placing your decor in a tray creates less clutter and gives the items more purpose. Rather than random things put on a table a tray or bowl gives them order.

This is honestly just fall items piled into a large bowl.  White pumpkins, wood beads and some pine cones. I started with the antlers as my guide and really just stuck the other things around them until it started to look right.  I kept the colors all neutral, but the different textures of the items make them interesting. Start with a color scheme and go from there.  If it doesn’t grab you try adding an item that is a different color, or shape or size. But I always think less, is more.



3. Layer items. Do you already have books on a shelf? Perhaps a collection you display somewhere?  Add some holiday touches to these, and you don’t even have to change what is already displayed.  For fall a couple pumpkins, for Christmas a sprig of evergreen.

This is a display that is usually in my bedroom.  I just added a couple pumpkins and some acorns, and suddenly its fall in here.  (okay the sign helps but that’s easy too…you could even use a chalkboard or place a free printable in a frame).


Here is another shelf where I just added some small pumpkins. pumpkinstargettuesday-1-of-1


As you can see you don’t have to do much to add some fall fun to your home.  Most of these vignettes included only 2 or 3 “fall items” to change up a space for the holidays. Plus any of these can be recreated with different items all year long.  Start simple and have fun! Thanks for stopping by.


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