Cozy farmhouse couch

Well I don’t think it’s hard to tell I am into the whole farmhouse vibe for my house. I am slowly changing and collecting items that reflect they style of a vintage farmhouse.  White linens, wood furniture, open shelves…you get the point.  I’ve been experimenting with lots of different pillows, (LOTS) to try and get the same feeling of farmhouse on my couch and I have finally figured out what was wrong!

My IKEA slip covered couch is perfectly suited for the farmy look, but it has very clean sharp lines, which isn’t so farmy.  The erktorp is for sure more farmhouse but it’s shorter footprint didn’t work for my tall husband.   Our couch is pretty and practical…but not that cozy looking.


So I had a great idea! I decided to swap out the large boxy back cushions for 4 softer euro pillows. And it changed the profile of the couch completely. I love how much cozier it looks.






Much cozier feel!
 My daughter was also a huge fan and jumped right on top of all those scrumptious pillows.
Also the stripe and flower pillows are standard pillow cases that I folded and fashioned to fit throw pillows.  Cheap and easy way to change up your couch with something you probably have stacks of in your linen closet.
Hope you enjoyed!
Sources: Couch, IKEA; Euro Pillows, IKEA and AMAZON; Stripe and Flower pillows,  IKEA; Pom Pom Pillow, HomeGoods; Table,  IKEA hack (more info in past post); Rug, RugsUSA

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