Make Christmas into New Years!

This is an easy way to take your Christmas decor into the New Year celebration.  Almost everything in this little New Year vignette was part of my Christmas decor.  My theme was black, gold and silver, but it could work with any color scheme.  Most of the ornaments here are from the kids tree and we found them at Dollar Tree. White and silver would be an easy way to take Christmas decor into the New Year!

We did make some clocks to add to the decor.  
And the top hats, I dug out of my St. Paddy’s day decor. 

Little helper. 

The ornaments are from the kids tree, and the star was at the top. 🙂  Also added ornaments to a glass bowl.  Also added some Hershey kisses to a platter for “midnight kisses”.  I am also added free printables at the bottom, in case you want to create your own NYE beverage bar! 

Here is a close up of the “midnight kisses” 

Kind of threw this together and I think it works!  
And YES we keep our tree up until New Years day!


Here are the printables, ENJOY!

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