Garland before and after, and the porch Christmas tour

Last year I decided my front porch was going to be a lush, holiday showstopper…I have always put garland around me door but it was lacking that wow factor.  The day after Christmas, last year, I invested in 22ft of lighted garland, from At Home (formerly Gardenridge).  And about 3 feet of garland with pinecones, and berries that was a little thicker.   Here it is with just those 2 things and some bows.

Nice, but still needed something.  So I went around to some live tree lots and collected extra trimmings.  They cut them from the bottom of the tree and leave them in buckets for anyone to take.  I bundled some and wrapped them with floral wire and tied them around my artificial garland.  I also just stuck some single branches around it.  This is the end result, and I love it!!
So lush and exactly what I pictured last year.  I do have to spray the branches every day to keep them fresh.  I need to take a pic of it lit up too! I highly recommend doing this trick to bump up your garland!  Here are some more photos of how the porch is shaping up: 
Continued the black, white and red theme outside. Most of the items on my porch I purchases last year or the year before on clearance or were found in the Target Dollar section.  I made the pom pom garland last year for Valentin’s day and just added black pom poms for this garland. 
I liked the thought of a wheelbarrow full of gifts rolling up on the front porch.  Gives a little farmhouse feel to my Phoenix tract home. 
Hope you enjoyed!  

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