Plate Rack

I am just a project fool over here lately!  I finished a plate rack and I wanted to share about my experience using Milk Paint for the first time.

Here is the before:

It was a craigslist find, and I got it pretty cheap!  It was a really dark wood, that just wasn’t going to match.  There were also some water stains. It was dying to be redone.  The color I picked was Snow White, because the pictures I have seen of other platter racks were crisp white and it was just the look I was going for.  But, I was excited to use the milk paint, because I wanted it to look chippy and old. I have seen that this is THE paint to use to achieve that look.   I am also thinking about redoing my table with a chippy, pulled out of an old barn look, so I figured I would experiment with something small first.

In order to prep the piece I cleaned it with this furniture cleaner, sanded it and sprayed it with Shellac…I am not sure if I would do all this again.  I was afraid that since I wasn’t using raw wood I needed a lot of prep for the paint to stick, but  I wanted it to chip a lot more than it did, so perhaps if I had skipped these steps I would have gotten more of the flakiness I was trying to achieve.  More on that later. 

Time to paint!  When mixing the milk paint you do 1 part paint with 1 equal part water.  The first batch I mixed I used warm water, and there were a lot of clumps.  The second batch I uses hot water and it mixed much better.  I also let it sit for 10 minutes.  Now the first coat had me pretty scared.  It was thin and streaky…but there was a little bit of that chipping happening that I wanted.  See it in that top corner?? 

Even the second coat was less than ideal…

Luckily the 3rd coat started looking like what I had pictured.  I just kept applying paint ( I felt like it coated better after a little time in the fridge…but that could have been my imagination) and lightly sanding between coats (waited about an hour for the paint to dry )  
When I thought I was totally finished I really sanded, I tried to chip and distress the areas that were already chippy make it look antiqued or old.  I think it turned out nice.  Although you can’t see to much of the distressing in these pictures.  Once I have it hung and styled I will get some better shots!  Final thoughts,  I will use the milk paint again and I am excited to see how it turns out on my kitchen table. 

Until then, thanks for stopping by! 

*I received no compensation or products, 
and I am not reviewing these brands, just personal opinions or whatever 🙂

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