Kids Table mini make over

Just getting back into the swing of things after our vacation! Home again, school has started and I am getting back into project mode. I have a LONG list…but decided to knock out an easy one first.  The kids table in the playroom was looking pretty sad so I gave it a mini make over.  It’s still in the works since I have to wait for some spray paint to fully dry before I can add the finishing touches to the chairs, but here is what I did:


Pretty primary looking, and covered in fabric marker…that I couldn’t get off. 


I spray painted the top of the table white with the rustoleum semi gloss. And the legs gold with the Rustoleum Metallic (love this!!)

Then I painted these yellow chairs white.  I made the mistake of cheaping out and getting the other blue can of spray paint.  DON’T DO IT!! I should have spent the extra 3 bucks. It took 2 cans just to get one good coat and now I have to wait a week, to cover it better again with the good paint. Blah!!

After a second coat of white on the top and then allowing an hour to dry, I laid this lace over the table and spray painted it with the gold.  I did this on either side of the table, so it kind of looked like a runner. The lace I used was kind of plastic and heavier than like lace fabric.  I tried to tuck it and tape it but then it started to buckle.  So I kind of had to just fold it slightly and hoped for the best! 

Here is the end result! 


In about a week I can spray paint over the chairs again, I plan on giving them gold tipped feet!  I will post an update when they are finished!
Things that I learned: 
1. Don’t cheap out on spray paint!
2. Read the directions, I could wait 48 hours to repaint on one kind but 1 week to repaint on a different brand! Or get the whole thing done within an hour, which wasn’t going to happen. 
Hope you enjoyed! 

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