Shelf makeover and living room update!

We had a busy weekend.  The french doors were installed, I did a mini makeover of my shelves and the hubby got together with a friend to start planning the cabinet renovations for the kitchen!!  I am very excited about all three!

But this post is all about the shelves and a little tutorial.  Here is a little before picture of the shelves. These were second hand and came with the brown back.  It was working for a while but I was ready to change them before we secured the shelves to the wall (for safety).

Here is the before pic:

  And here is the comparison:

My friend sent me an example that was similar and I loved the idea.   So I did some research on Pinterest of course, for grain sack inspired furniture.  And then got to work.  The paint I used was American Decor in Everlasting and Amitha Verma Chalk Finish Paint for Furniture in Providential Blue.  I ordered them both from Amazon. Love that Prime shipping!!  This is the first time I had used chalk paint and I really liked it.  I didn’t want the lines to be super crisp so I planned on distressing/sanding them and I heard this was the best paint to achieve that look.

First, I removed the back of the shelves (its just some kind od particle board) and I painted two coats of the Everlasting and sanded it a bit.  There is a seam down the middle so I sanded that a bit to make it look distressed.

Next my husband and I measured where we wanted the stripes, marked them and taped.  If you are doing it by yourself, I would recommend a laser level or something to make sure your lines stay straight. 
This is after tape was removed and then taped for the side stripes after the paint was dried. 

Once the paint dried I sanded those to give a little distressed look.  Not that you can really tell in this picture!  I don’t even know what sand paper I used…ooops, it was whatever was left on the sanding thingy from the last project (yup, thingy is a technical term)

Then I just replaced the back on the shelf and done!  I love the transformation.  It might be subtle for some but it makes a big difference to me. Totally brightens up the whole room. 
And the room is close to being totally finished! Just need our family pictures in the gallery wall. 

 Thanks for stopping by!

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