Simple Christmas – 2017

I have had so many of those years of Christmas decorations where I went all out.  Every stitch of decoration in every room of the house.  And I do love it, I love it all.  But this year I decided to go simpler, since lets face it life at this time of year is hectic enough!  My simple Christmas decor began simply with this red ticking stripe ribbon, which you if you saw my bedroom post it also makes an appearance there.

Simple Christmas Bedroom


I let this simple ribbon dictate the theme of my decor, and the I adore touch of it everywhere.


Last year I went non traditional with touches of navy, Christmas Tour 2016, but bringing back the red this year has been fun.    I strung the ribbon through the tree and also just draped it around a glass bottle brush forest on the mantle.


I wanted to keep the mantle very simple, and I tried draping some garland across it, but it just seemed overdone.  The tiny twinkles and simple trees was just right for me this year.

Now let’s look at the tree!  My tree is 9ft pre-lit artificial tree. It is so dry and still hot here during December, an artificial tree is the best way to go.  This year in order to fill out the spaces, I used 2, 9ft flocked garland from Walmart.  I basically just wrapped it around the tree and stuffed it into spaces to fill any holes.  Then I took some flocked stems and filled the rest of the holes with those.



Next, I placed the larger items on the tree. The skis from Target a few years back and then these beautiful Christmas Hymn Ornaments from Ever Thine Home.


Once I had all the ornaments on the tree, I brought out the ribbon.  I had 3 different ribbons this year, a large silver, a large sheer and then the red ticking.  I cut these in strips about 3-4 feet in length and then placed them in the tree, sticking it in a zig-zag pattern through out the tree.


After this, I still felt like it needed a little something more.  So I found these sweet red birds and cardinals at the dollar store and added them where I felt like the tree needed a little more color.

Since my mom has moved in with us for the time being, and she will be here for Christmas from now on, she gifted some of her very special ornaments to our family tree.  Silver trumpets, lovely small gold mirrors and some glass ballerinas.  They fit in perfectly.

After the tree and the mantle were finished the rest of the downstairs took shape with simple touches and reminders of Christmas.


I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our home for Christmas.  I really tried to stay simple this year and appreciate the little things for this wonderful season. I hope I have left you inspired.  Merry Christmas to you and yours from my home and family!


Until next time my friends!


4 thoughts on “Simple Christmas – 2017

  1. reocochran says:

    I live in a small place but I do put a lot of little items around like Christmas ornaments in tea cups. My friends think it looks cozy or charming. I love your use of white to create more space and look less cluttered! Smiles, Robin


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