5 Tips for RV traveling and Camper update

A little over a year ago we purchased a Class – C camper, and remodeled most of the inside.  You can catch up on all those renovations and changes in this post.  Our New RV.


We are getting ready to pack up for another trip and I thought I would share some updates and tips for traveling in a small space with three kids.  Also, since it has been previously used for summer trips, I thought I would cozy up the decor with some fall touches. First here is a mini tour of the camper.


Coming in the “front door” I still have these free art prints. Also, this hanging basket storage is great for keeping extra shoes, flashlights and other items handy and out of the way.


As you enter the first room is the tiny kitchen. I have tried to maximize space by hanging a trash can on the cabinet as well as a paper towel holder.  Which you can’t see too well in this photo.


This is the chalk board painted fridge, still holding strong. It is ready to fill with more destinations.


Next to the kitchen is the dining area and living room all combined.  And both of these fold out into beds.  When we are moving the kids are usually buckled up here; playing games, drawing or snacking.  Most likely snacking.


As you can see its tight quarters in here.  Although I love that ottoman that we can also fold up and put away.  Its perfect spot to prop my feet up.


This pillow with the United States on it, was a gift from my sister in law. We can always track where we are by changing the position of the little heart.  I changed out some of the navy pillows for the grey plaid for a cozy fall feel.


Above the captains chair is the kids bunk area. Most likely they will all sleep up there in that queen bed.  There is also a space for bins where they keep their toys for the trip.


Over the summer I switched the bedding to this pink buffalo check because it was so bright and happy in this space. I think it still works with the changes I have made for fall. Especially with some gray accents.


Let’s head all the way to the back bedroom. Since we will be traveling over some pumpkin filled months I decided we should take a few on the road with us to celebrate. Extra throws and flannels will keep us warm as we travel to some cooler states.


Besides the small, VERY small bathroom which has not received too many updates aside from a new toilet, that is pretty much the full tour.  Now on to the tips!

  1. Bins, Bins, Bins.  We leave the suitcases as home and pack all our clothes in small bins inside these cabinets. I actually pull all the bins into the house pack up the kids clothes, separated by child, and then bring them back into the RV.
  2. Two of everything.  We have a french press for the house and one for the RV. Anything that we will use on an everyday basis in the RV we bought an extra version.  We didn’t want to end up away from home and away from our necessities and on the flip side we didn’t want to return to the house and have the RV packed in storage with something we would need at home.
  3. Pack and clean everything, post trip. When your trip is over launder everything and pack it away in storage bags or bins and clean everything before you store your camper.  This way when it is time to set off on the road again, you don’t have to wash and clean too much before you go.  Obviously some things may need refreshing but take the extra time when you come back from your vacation to do the dirty work. It helps!
  4. Cook outdoors as much as possible.  The kitchen is fully functional of course, but it is small.  We mostly just do lunches inside or on the go. But when we are on the road we enjoy a big breakfast so we purchased some outdoor skillets and small grills, in case the campsites don’t provide, in order to cook outside. And if it is hot outside, it will just get hotter inside if your heating up that gas stove. (But, I do love that I have a gas stove in this house, because my main house doesn’t!)
  5. Make your home away from home, your home away from home.  I like a lot of pillows in my house so I have a lot of pillows in my RV.  It may be silly for some but the whole reason we travel in our tiny home, is so we can feel at home wherever we are. My kids bring as many of their favorite toys as the can, even legos. Shudder.  We also pack our Roku and have movie nights, just like we would at home.  While we are out there exploring our country we also like a little sanity and routine.


Alright, now let’s hit the road! Until next time friends.


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