5 Ways to Add Early Fall Decor, No Pumpkins!!

School has started, maybe where you live the temperatures have started to fall, and you’re ready to take down the Red, White and Blue  summer decor.  BUT it’s barely September! I get it, fall is so much fun, but it’s also three months of fall fun.  And if you are like me, you get sick of decor into month one.  So let’s not break out the pumpkins just yet.  We will have October AND November for that.  So here are some ways to get into the autumn spirit, no pumpkins allowed.

  1. Apples.  Apples say fall, they say back to school and they are fun to throw into a vignette.  Plus, real or faux they can add a fun pop of fall colors to your room.

earlyfalldecor (5 of 5)


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2. Sunflowers: I am not sure if these are officially a fall flower, but they feel like late summer, early fall to me. The bright yellow color is reminiscent of the leaves changing.

3. Cotton stems or wreaths:  In the fall here the cotton fields are full of the fluffy white bushels.  And the cotton tufts floating in the air just remind me of crisp evenings.

4. Warm Neutral Textures:  Switching out bright textiles with throws and pillow covers in warm neutral tones will give you those autumn feels. Any deep and rich colors will help, I like more gold for this season and it can be a neutral too.    Plus, please don’t forget about these unique accessories; pine cones, acorns and feathers all give the fall vibe, without being overtly obvious.

headingcouch (1 of 1)

87dfa-falltourreal2b252842bof2b82529alotofnew (1 of 24).JPG

falltour2015 (8 of 19)

5.  Speaking of those deep and rich colors, add accents of burgundy, or mustard.  This can be pillows, flowers or other decorative objects like a vase or basket.  Slowly adding the colors of autumn to make that transition.

I hope these get your fall creative juices going, while also helping you put down the pumpkin!! You don’t have to rush this season.  “Autumn carries more gold in it’s pockets than all the other seasons” – Jim Bishop


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