Christmas Tour Part 2 -2016

vintagehicdec-3Well,  here is the final leg of the Christmas Tour, if you missed the others I will add links at the end of this post.  The previous post was of the downstairs living room.

Now, moving upstairs, it is mostly small touches in some rooms and the kid’s tree.  They decorated it all themselves, and are so proud.  It is the complete opposite of what I would pick.  It is so colorful and full of homemade ornaments, but it is just perfect for the play room.


The candy cane tree.  The ornaments are hung too close together and uneven, but its all theirs and I love it.

christmastoupart2-9 I saved all the traditional reds for upstairs. Plus the fun decorations; like the Nutcrackers, the nativity scene they are allowed to play with and the snow globes we made this year.  Stay tuned for a tutorial.

It got cold quick this year, so we added some extra comforters to all the beds.  The littlest loves this stuffed tree.  If only it kept her in her bed all night.


I didn’t plan on putting any Christmas in my bedroom this year, but I made a magnolia wreath out of some faux garland and the Christmas just started making it’s way in here.


The trees on my nightstand are from years ago.  Their original pots were broken, so I stuck them in some IKEA galvanized buckets.


I also added some red, white and silver ornaments to my milk glass.  It was a simple touch that brought a little more Christmas in here.


Finally I just added a little to the bathroom, and changed up the letter board for the season.

I hope you have been inspired by something in my Christmas home this year. If you missed any of the other posts around the house you can catch up with these links:

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