Knock Off Yarn Christmas Tree

Well, it is November so it is about that time where I start obsessing over Christmas decor.  I mean isn’t everyone??  Okay, just me?  Seriously though, the most magical time of the year is quickly approaching and its time to start those Christmas crafts!  While wandering through Target (ya, I go there a lot!) I found myself in the Christmas section, just browsing.  Then,  I came across these adorable yarn trees.


Well I was about to throw them into my cart, when my mother’s voice popped into my head.  “I can make these!”.  In fact, after a little more thought I realized I already had all the materials to bust out these trees at home. So the little one and I hurried out of there and came home to get busy.


Cone shaped Item


Hot Glue


Tree Topper (optional)


First, the cones. As I said I already had this key element.  I purchased these glittery versions (also from Target) about 3 years ago.  I was planning on giving them a makeover this year anyway, I was going to spray paint them but this was going to be so much better. If you do not have these cones, however, a friend told me about a tutorial to make them. Here is a site with a cone tutorial and template.

After the cone is acquired the next step is simple. I started at the bottom and hot glued the yarn to the cone.  Then I just began wrapping the yarn and adjusting it into place. I did not have to hot glue the strands as I wrapped.


Once I reached the top of the cone, I hot glued the yard again. Also, clipping off the excess. Then I just adjusted the lines of yarn until it looked even and pretty.


I used two different types of yarn for these cones.  I tried mixing them, but I wan’t happy with that result.  This yard was actually left over from another quick DIY, that you can see in the back of this photo.  That yarn hanging you can find here. (scroll all the way to the bottom of the post).

I have not decided if I am going to add a tree topper.  These ornaments I picked up last year may work, but I want to see how the rest of my living room comes together before I decide.

yarnDIYtreeblog (1 of 1).JPG

Here they are all finished.  And a little sneak of where they may be for Christmas.


After I had them up here, I realized how great they would look with a little twinkle added. These wire lights are battery operated and surprise…I found them in the dollar section of Target last fall.  These are so fun and I have used them in a lot of holiday decor.

These little additions have helped me focus my Christmas theme this year, and I am so excited to decorate. And to share it with all of you.  I hope you will stop by again after Thanksgiving to see the house all lit up for Christmas. I would also appreciate if you shared this DIY on Pinterest, if you like it.  Happy crafting!

DIY yarn tree

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