Decor Crush: African Bolga Baskets

I am totally crushing on these market baskets and I wanted to share how these can be your next go-to basket for anything around the house.  First of all, how pretty? They come in a variety of colors and oh the leather handles! Each basket is hand made so no two are alike.  They are also a part of the fair trade initiative,  an organization supporting indigenous people around the world – fairly compensating them for their work.

Photos from Baskets of Africa

I have seen these in a number of homes and just recently purchased a couple of my own.  Here are five ways you can incorporate these beauties into your home!


Pop some extra throws into them and display in your living room.
Photo via New Darlings Instagram @newdarlings


Stick them on top of you kitchen cabinets.  Lovely decor, or pop them on top of the fridge and fill with extra linens. Such attractive storage.
Photo via Instagram @kcstauffer


Speaking of storage, what a perfect container for toys!  Cute and the kiddos can tote them around.
Photo via Instagram @chalk.white.arrow


Plants!! Like yours truly I have used mine to house a draping plant. And I am loving it.


Take it on the road.  Grab a couple and take it to the farmers market, or the apple orchard, or fill it with fresh flowers.  An eco-friendly bag, that looks cute too. I plan on bringing mine apple picking, an adorable photo op for my kids.

Photo via
These would be such a cute accessory to add for fall! (picture pumpkins…I’m just saying)
I hope you enjoyed!!



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