Pottery Barn Inspired Beads

So I recently discovered these vase filler beads.  I have seen them on Instagram and then suddenly decided, I NEEDED them!

You can spot them here on the vase at Rooms For Rent (Bre is someone you have to check out!!)

And my good friend Raeann has them on her coffee table here. 
Of course I thought…I can make these! Of course, I thought that…it’s like my new catch phrase.  So I searched for some inspiration.  Here are some pictures straight from Pottery Barn. 

I wanted a natural, neutral wood color.  I started looking at Amazon, but one night while I was out returning something at Michael’s I popped into Hobby Lobby to see if they had any wood beads that would work.  (Note: Michael’s and Joann’s did not) Got lucky and found packs of beads at Hobby Lobby for $1.99, used a 40% off coupon for one, of course!

 I already had the neutral colored yarn at home. I decided I wanted to finish it off with a decorative tassel. Why not?!  I made the tassel first, just by wrapping in around my hand, sliding the yarn off and tying the top.  Then cutting the loops at the bottom.  This is similar to making yarn pom poms. 


Then I started stringing the beads.  I had a very enthusiastic little helper. 
Once all the beads were strung, I pulled the yarn through the tassel and tied a knot to make a loop. They could also be left as a long strand.  I promise the tassel looks better in person.  
And I love them! A little Pottery Barn look for like $5.  Which makes me love them even more.  Here they are with a little sneak peek of my Christmas decor. 

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