Late fall – Thanksgiving Mantle and a FREE printable

Packed up Halloween and did some small changes for Thanksgiving. Trying to keep it simple because Christmas is well….CHRISTMAS. And it tends to get complicated.

Oh ya….and I got these fuzzy stools from Hobby Lobby for 40%off. And I love them. They are replacing the grey ottomans, that I have now moved to my bedroom.  I saw one months ago and could not figure out where I could justify them…but when they came back in stock I knew I would find a place for them.  Best part…husband was even like “these stools are cool”.  

This crate was meant to be a centerpiece but the kiddies kept taking out the pumpkins. I do like it better up here,  though. 
The glass jars have twinkle lights from the Target One Spot. 

I also made this printable for a frame.  I will include it at the bottom. 

Thanks for stopping by!!  Here is the printable: 

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