Small playroom update…

Small update for the playroom, mini makeover.  I went cushion cover crazy at Ikea last week and I really like the direction I am going.  I also moved the furniture around to create more of a sitting area space and moved the toys to better area.  They were right at the top of the stairs before and this kind of always bugged me.  In the future I plan on moving our dresser/buffet from downstairs to sit at the top of the stairs.

Anyway…here are the pictures of what has changed so far!

Here is a look at before again:

I removed the rug entirely.  Too much random colors and patterns.  Then I moved the shelves and art table to the wall under the “PLAY” sign.  And turned the couch towards them.  (behind the couch is a clubhouse playset…which will later be replaced by a homework/craft area but I am not sure on the timeline for that) 

Then I got to work replacing my old pillows with new covers that I picked up at Ikea.  But the fave, is the leopard print furry pair from TJMaxx. My 3 year old pulled them off the shelf at the store immediately, so I knew they would be perfect.  I love how the mix compliments the painting, but doesn’t exactly match. 

Then the former craft table I made into a little comfy bench.  I covered my old floor pillows (for now) with a neutral drop cloth until I can locate or make replacements. 
And I have something fun planned for those 2 white pillows in the middle, to bring some black in. 

Next up I am working on a DIY zebra rug, and hoping it works out. And some other small touches to bring the whole space together! Thanks for stopping by for an update!

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