Hair Tutorial

This is my first tutorial of a hair style…so it’s pretty awful.  I need a videographer, like for real.  But, you gotta start somewhere.  This hair is pretty easy, its just a series of pony tails.  Starting from the nape of the neck and going up.   Instead of gathering all the previous hair together in the next pony, you create the ponytail around it.  So it ends up looking like this:

Started off with wet, detangled hair and parted a lower section of hair.  Clipping up the top, out of the way.

Pony that section and part another section, just above the first.  I separated this section, pulled the first pony through and then secured a second pony around the first.

I repeated the sectioning and pony tails, so that they ended up looking like this. 

For the final pony tail I wraped the hair into a half bun and secured with bobby pins. 
Here is the other side:
It actually is pretty easy, but its hard to explain.  Next time, I will get a better video,  I promise!

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