Yoho Yearbook

We just received the Yoho Yearbook, 2014 version! Another Pinterest idea.  Probably the only one my husband actually likes…but I digress.   For the past couple of years we have made a Yoho yearbook highlighting all the important events from the year.  I have been creating them online and have them printed in a nice bound book.  We have used a couple of different companies but my favorite is MixBook.  They have easy layouts and the cost is very reasonable for a 30-40 page book. This year I printed ours out with a 50% off discount code, making it much less than the competitors.  Plus,  I prefer the 8.5×11 size that they offer, a lot of other places only have the 12×12. One day they will all be lined up on a shelf and be a great way to look back through the years and remember what we have done.  Now, I seriously need to get started on 2015…trust me it is easier to do it every month, rather than all at the end of the year.  And well I am only 5 months behind!!

Charley is ready for her turn to see. 

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