Transformation Tuesday!

Living room remodel continues!!  After moving all the furniture I realized I needed some kind of coffee table or accent table.  I wanted something small and gold, to bring in more of that accent color and brighten up the space a little.   Plus with all the gold floating around lately there were just so many beautiful options!

Then I stumbled across this little hack on Pinterest, and I found the perfect match! 
So I headed over to Ikea to pick up the Vittsjo coffee table (which now also comes in white).  I already had some gold spray paint, I used Rust-oleum  metallic gold.  And voila! My own transformation.  I love it!! It really completes the space. 
I am very happy with the result
Looking to add come gold accents?  Check out these table options. 
1. Elana 2. Worlds Away 3. Abigail 4. Santa Barbara 
Or why not do a hack of your own? There are lots of ideas on Pinterest, including this beauty, also an Ikea hack!
Source: Honey & Fitz

Have fun

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