Faux fur rug DIY

Ok, so I got this pink faux fur fabric from a yard sale….like a YEAR ago.  With the full intention of cutting it into an animal shape rug for my daughters room.  At the time her room was arranged a little different and there wasn’t really the space. So I tucked it away until the right time. During that time I have used the fabric for other adventures…

Like for our Christmas photos
And for my daughters Safari Party (more details for this coming)

Well now we have done some furniture rearranging and there is space for the rug! So its time for this fabric scrap to get a make over.  First I needed a pattern because I wanted to make sure I had symmetrical sides. So I drew one side on some craft paper to the size I wanted. Then folded it in half and cut. (my pictures are not the best) Then I traced the pattern onto my fabric and cut.  At this point I realized I should have done this outside…because fur started getting everywhere!

After I finished cutting I shook it out outside! And threw it in the dryer to get any remaining fur off.  I am also going to try and fray check the cut sides, just in case.

Later I might get some rug backing to make it more official but for now I like that when we need it up and out of the way I can toss it over her chair as a stylish throw as well.

What you think? Will you add one to a room in your house? It doesn’t have to be pink! There are plenty of examples on Pinterest, here are a few:

Source: Style Me Pretty
Source: Censationalgirl.com

Also totally putting it under the kids Christmas tree this year (or maybe picking some up in white), similar to something like this.

I wish I knew the original source but I saw this pic at Ticking & Toile.

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