A little DIY project!

I made this word art for my future gallery wall and I love it!  Plus it was simple and cheap.  Can’t go wrong with that.  We moved to AZ from Chicago.  It was where my husband grew up and I absolutely loved living there. Didn’t live there long enough in my opinion 🙂  For the gallery wall I want to put personal touches about our family and this is the first one I have finished.

I designed it myself using picmonkey (picmonky.com – you will become addicted).  I printed the words and black and white stripes on my little laser printer and then just traced over the words with this gold sharpie paint pen that I picked up from Joann’s Fabrics with a 40% coupon!  Plopped it in a frame with a matt that was $5.99 at Ross and voila! Gold leaf word art! Very excited to add more to the gallery and get it up on my empty walls.  I am doing a mix of silver and gold accents, and want to find a nice letter “Y” and some other fun stuff to create a pretty and personal collage!

Here is the printable I used. Download it here free.

Hope you enjoyed!

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