DIY: Dressed Up Black Out Shade

Hello all! I have a real quick DIY that changed the look of some boring window treatments at our house.  Does anyone else use black out roller shades to keep that pesky sun out of your kids rooms? They are such a life saver when you want to keep a baby asleep, or tuck those kids in a little early in the summer months.  Yet, they are not pretty.  They just aren’t.  Well, as I was looking at my very helpful,  but not so pretty shades, I got an idea!  How about dress those things up! I started super easy with some left over tape from a previous project. And this was the first result.


It is simply some very small duct tape, and all I did was create stripes on the roller shade. It took less than 10 minutes.  Once, I finished this one I looked up some more fancy designs to dress up the other shades.  These took a little more planning.


Here is the shade before, simply a white black out shade from Home Depot.  I gathered some of my supplies.  I used Washi sized Duct Tape that I found in the craft section at Walmart.  They were about $2 a roll.  The rest was simply measuring, marking, and pulling out a straight line of tape. So you will need a tape measure, pencil, scissors and if it helps you a laser level.


P.S. Do not use that regular washi tape I have pictured, it does not stick and stay as well as Duct Tape. For the designs I took some inspiration from Roman Shades I have seen on Pinterest.  Make sure you tape your design to the inside of the roll, where it pulls down facing into your room.


I started my designs about 3 inches from the edges and I only went up as high as the roll would ever pull down. You can make them as fancy or as simple as you like!


This Greek Key inspired shade was perfect for my oldest daughters floral farmhouse bedroom. Beth at Home Stories A to Z, got a lot more technical with her DIY.  I mostly eyeballed the pattern but if you want something a little more in depth be sure to check out her tutorial: How to Make a Greek Key Pattern


The simple stripe fit my middle girls funky bedroom, because it really didn’t need more pattern, just something to make the shade a little less boring.


The last is a mix of the two, simple and a little elegant. This was previously my youngest daughter’s room, but as you can see it is now a little play room since everyone wants to sleep in the same room.  You’ll have to excuse the Lego explosion, but you know we live here.


Hope you enjoyed this little DIY and let me know if you try it yourself.  I also browsed some other versions and some even used real ribbon on Pinterest.  I would love to see if you give one of those a try.  And if you liked the way these looked, I would love if  you would share my version on your Pinterest, here is an image you can share.


Thank you so much for stopping by, ta-ta for now!


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