Coffee Bar Kitchen Addition

life-storage-blog-kitchenstorage12-2Our Kitchen refresh has been a lot of phases. If you haven’t seen the rest of the kitchen you can find all of the details in this post. Kitchen Refresh! And ideally, I am still not officially finished. I still have a small wish list.  But, this latest addition has been 6 years in the making.  When we replaced our laminate counter tops, after closing on this house.  We had an extra portion cut, for this unused space in our kitchen area. Way back when, we weren’t sure what would be here, we tossed around the idea of a desk.  However, I am so happy we landed on this coffee/drink station.  And I am thrilled that I finally get to fi up my morning up of jo here.

Here is this little nook before. Just an indentation in the wall, with no real purpose. I am sure the builder offered some option for this space. We were not the original home owners, so I have no idea what that was. houseoctober25 (6 of 8)

Here is what we decided on.  My kitchen is not large and full of storage.  So having some extra drawers is a bonus.  The mini fridge is my favorite part, it frees up a lot of space in our regular fridge.  And I also keep the kids cold snacks here, so they can serve themselves.  My husband built the frame, drawers, drawer fronts and doors himself. I am amazed by it!


These drawers, did give the hubby a little trouble.  But he powered through and got it done.  The top drawer has an outlet pulled through it, and is serving as an out of sight charging station.


I lined the cabinets with some Target dollar spot place mats, since the front of the door has the wire screen, chicken wire.


Also, the perfect space for my coffee station tiered tray, styled for spring.


It is functional and pretty all at the same time.  Ignore the coffee grounds and lego I forgot to clean up in this photo, but you know, we live here. Also, the baseboard trim is waiting for me to finish the new floors…which is a whole new post/story.  Stay tuned!


So what do you think?  Will you had a drink station to your home? Let me know if you have an questions!

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