Playroom update and a DIY play tent

The playroom decorating continues.  We used to have a large outdoor play-set up in the loft. Refresher pic: 
 It was great! Since we live in HOT phoenix and the kids can’t always play outside.  But, we were outgrowing it, and it took up a lot of space. So we sold it to a little boy, who would appreciate it. But,  I promised the oldest in it’s place I would get her a tee-pee or tent (which is what they used the play-set for anyway).  So I started my search…and was blown away.  $150-$200 for a play tee-pee?? I did see a nice one on Amazon for about $90.  But, well…I’m me. “I can make that” (probably for just as much as buying one…but I like the feeling of accomplishment, right??)  Well, I thought the tee-pee cover was a little too complicated for me. Especially since I have 2 sewing machines out of commission.  So I researched A-frame tents instead.  Here are some of the inspiration ideas I found. 
First I gathered the frame materials.  And enlisted the help of the hubby.  This was REALLY easy…with the right tools and helper. I got my wood pieces from Home Depot.  The hubby wanted really “good looking wood” so he got 2x2x8 that were a little more expensive than they had to be. $9-$10 and we bought 4.  And since I wanted it to be about 4ft wide, I got these 3/4×4 dowels.  I think they were $3-$4 each. Only needed 3. 

He cut the 2x2x8s down to the height we wanted and then  used a drill press and drilled holes in each one, about 5 inches from the top and an inch from the bottom.  I am a genius and did not take photos of this process…but once we stuck all the dowels in it looked like this.
Then we took it upstairs and I got to work.  My vision was a thrown together, romantic, glamping tent.  Something you might see in an African fashion photo shoot.  I had these pom pom garlands from after Christmas clearance, so I wrapped those up there first and strung Christmas lights around the top.

I used a canvas drop cloth for the tarp portion of the tent. It was about $20 and the perfect size for my version.  There are a variety sizes.  It is a cloth drop cloth and it can be washed.  I didn’t…they soften up quite nicely after being washed and I have used them to cover stuff and its pretty comfy, but for this purpose I wanted it a little stiff.  Since we will probably move the tent to make room for the kids Christmas tree in the winter, I didn’t want anything permanently attached. The whole structure folds easily. So I just cut small holes in the tarp and tied the sides together under the dowels so it stays in place.  I also did the same on the front.  You won’t see any of this when I am finished.

Here is where you could stop, and have a perfectly good tent for playing. The items to get to this point would probably run you about $70 give or take depending on the quality of wood you use and the size of the tent….(ours is 4ft wide and deep and about 6ft tall – we gotta fit 3 kiddos in there) but, I had that VISION remember.  So I hit up Joann’s for some fabric and faux flowers and created more or a kid oasis…I think it’s more for me than them. 

This is final outcome.  I added extra pillows from the playroom and around the house that don’t have designated spots right now.  I am a bit of a pillow hoarder, but…it comes in handy! I also stuck some of their books in the back.  Perfect reading nook. 
I laid some of the fabric on the floor to cover the tarp and make it more cozy. Then I draped some other fabric over the top to get that romantic, photo shoot feel. 

 I used a rubber band to attach faux foliage to the top.  I just sort of stuck flowers in until it felt full. (Again easy to remove). 

On one side I added this $3 banner I found in the target one spot.  Just because I thought it was fun. 
I am very happy with the end result and I think it totally captures the picture I had in my head.  Plus it blends with the safari theme we have in the playroom. 
AND the kids like it!! Win, win!

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you attempt one yourself. Thanks for stopping by. 
Wood – Home Depot
Drop Cloth: Home Depot
Floral: Joann Fabric
Stool: Ikea
Pom Pom Garland: Home Goods
Faux Fur Rug: Ikea
Fabric: Joann Fabric
Banner: Target
Feather Pillow: World Market
Black and White Stripe Pillow: Ikea
Other pillows: Gifted to me

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