Faux Zebra Rug Tutorial – And playroom updates!

When I started doing this room and moving into a different direction the zebra rug was a big focal point.  But…I did not have a faux zebra rug budget.  So I did a little research (aka Pinterest!) and decided to make my own.  And here is my tutorial version 🙂 
I started off with a drop cloth, and while it would have worked, it was flimsy and really hard to color the pattern.  Plus I didn’t want to paint the whole rug like some tutorials suggest.  So, I saw this tutorial and decided vinyl was the way to go! 
I purchased the vinyl from Joann Fabrics.  I didn’t use the Marine vinyl, it was less expensive but also felt like plastic to me.  The vinyl I ended up using is soft, almost suede like and well $24.99 a yard! Of course, I didn’t pay that!  I used a 60% off coupon so I walked out with 2 yards for $20.  So if you’re going to do this, WAIT for a good coupon!! Also you will need paint pens in whatever color you want the stripes to be.  Go ahead and get these with a coupon too…they are rarely on sale. 
I had already cut out the pattern once so, I just laid my old pattern on top of the vinyl, traced with some  colored chalk and cut it out.  Originally,  I used a cowhide shape from the internet to get the shape I wanted. 
Next came the stripes.  I googled faux zebra hides, and sort of eye balled the pattern.  The other tutorial used craft paper, but that was too many steps for me. Instead I used a washable dry erase marker and if I made a mistake I could just wash it off and fix it. 
Then came the coloring.  The vinyl was nice a smooth so it was totally like coloring with markers on paper (WAY easier than the drop cloth)  I used these 2 kinds of sharpies.  They are the paint ones that you shake.  I used the thin tip to outline and I did long strokes to color in with the broad tip.  It went really fast, once I got started. 
And here is the finished rug!  I love how it turned out.  And it only cost me about $25. 

I have a couple more things to finish up before the room is “complete” (in quotes because this room will change again as the kiddies get older) But here is a look at before.

 And here are the changes so far…

 Hope you enjoyed! 

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