typography art DIY

I have about 4 gallery walls in my house.  I have recently realized that I must LOVE gallery walls.  But, the one I am working on right now has taken the most effort.  It covers a large area of the wall and it is basically one of the first things you will see when you walk in the front door, so I wanted it to have an impact.  While also keeping it totally personal and being a reflection of our family.
I plan on hanging our formal family photos here every year, but I didn’t want it to be just photos.  This is the second project I did for this wall.  You can find the first here.
I had a picture in my mind of just typography with important dates, but I already had so many frames up in the mix I needed something different, so I went on the hunt for an old window to add.  And came up with this:

First I cleaned and sanded the window. Then I went on the computer and typed out how I wanted the dates to look.  I used a military inspired font.  I printed the dates and tape them to the window.
I traced the numbers on the front of the window using a dry erase marker, that way I could correct any mistakes.  (you could also use a sharpie and erase mistakes with nail polish remover)
Last, I filled in the numbers with a black paint pen.
Here it is with most of the other items hung up.  Still working on a couple more things to add to the wall and of course…the family  photos!!

You could really do this project with any writing or pictures. Here are some other ideas that I have online, these could easily be recreated using the same method: 

typography art

Here are some that I have seen on Instagram, these are available at Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

Source @ beautifullydistressed_

Source: @aryndiferdinand 
Source: @passion_4_decor

I have also seen versions on Etsy that I am sure you can order and personalize, but I am cheap THRIFTY…and I like to do things myself.  Hope you give it a try! 

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