Curly Hair Process

I think I have finally figured out how to wear my hair curly and like it! 

These are the products I have used.  I just picked up Tama Shea Oil over the weekend and I am a fan!  Here is my routine:

1. Wash with the cleaser (it doesn’t suds, I have a clarifying Shampoo I use once a month, but totally forgot to take a pic of it)
2.  Condition with the anti shrinkage cleansing conditioner (Dark and Lovely), rinse with cold water
3. Dry with a tshirt not a towel
4. Then I used the Shea oil all over as a leave in.  Just a dime size drop
5. Separate into section and apply the 10-in-1 styles gelee (dark and lovely) to each section and twist hair into small twisty braids. Or a twist out.
6. Then I went to sleep, covered my hair with a silk scarf.
7. In the morning I wet my hair a little bit and sprayed the Ion curl solutions curl spray gel and then dried and scrunched with a diffuser.

Tada!! I never wear my hair down and curly but now I think I like it!

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